Sunday, April 22, 2007

Neighbor against neighbor

The neighbors used to talk, but after a series of disputes over fencing, an easement and the lack of access, the level of frustration and non- communication became common ground.

They shared the same roadway and would have to pass one another.

The feud reached the scale of physical threats.
The only option was a lawsuit.

Attorneys were retained and litigation was started.

The Superior Court suggested mediation. The neighbors were reluctant and would never allow face-to-face meetings.

The attorneys agreed to a mediator and the parties agreed to give it a chance. The attorneys had the experience that it was more than likely this litigated case would go to trial.

The mediation took place, positions were discussed openly and within 3.5 hours both neighbors reached a written settlement.

Joy filled the room, the neighbors shook each others hands and openly stated they could be friends again.

Mediation allows the parties to "work" for a common benefit.

A "neutral" was valuable and the real estate mediation was a success.

Jim W Hildreth Real Esate Mediator

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