Thursday, April 24, 2008

SF Couple Accused of Terrorizing Tenants

April 24 2008 Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediation

Disputes with Tenants, turn into felony arrest of landlords.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A landlord couple accused of cutting the supports under a renter's San Francisco apartment are facing felony charges in an alleged campaign to terrorize tenants into leaving.

Prosecutors say software engineer Kip Macy, 33, and real estate agent Nicole Macy, 32, told workers to cut the beams supporting the tenant's floor after he successfully fought eviction in court.

The couple also allegedly shut off his electricity, cut his phone line and had workers saw a hole in his living room floor from below.

Authorities arrested the pair Tuesday and charged them with felony stalking, burglary and conspiracy and other counts.

Prosecutors say the landlords broke into another apartment in the six-unit building and poured ammonia on a tenant's clothes, bedding and home electronics.

Jim W Hildreth- Real Estate Mediator

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