Sunday, December 19, 2010

Addiction: Prescription Drugs

As we approach the holidays, we celebrate with our families, we share gifts, we watch the magic of delight with children as they open presents.

For many holidays may not be the holidays as we have had in our lives.

Last week while sitting in family court, the realty of shared custody, anger, resentment, substance abuse were a realty that goes beyond on our holidays.

Alcohol abuse has been apart of my family history going back for generations and today both drug of choice seems to run rampant in our society.

The impacts effect every family member in some manner and those impacts impact society.

My blog today is not about making accusations, but offering a messaage that being sober, loving life, is a worthy goal for ones self

in the steps of recovery.

I'm so apprecitive of the 12 step programs offered in each of our communities, as they offer support, love, guidance. AA, NA, ACOA,


In our economic times, its so easy to alter our behaviors often in a self destructive pattern.

Perhaps this message, may be a the keys of opportunity, that will give us the support in developing our own journey that we can reclaim our lives today and for tomorrow.

Being sober, love of self, love of our future generations, is well worth the reminder during our upcoming holidays.

Jim W Hildreth

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