Friday, November 14, 2014

Always Do Your Best

As one of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, "Always Do Your Best", I reflect over the past 8 years in my goals to entering the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR  or #Mediation.

My first class at UC Berkeley,  was filled with a room of adult students who shared a interest in Mediation.

Some were practicing attorneys who simply what a change from litigation, others such as the two judges who simply wanted to have incite as to clearing their busy calendar.

For me, it from the eyes of a long term real estate broker, who wanted to apply life experiences to bringing out peace in disputes via negotiation.

One year of pro-bono at the Hayward court, with the goal of 100 mediations and 100 hours of post education.

I had a passion from the very beginning.

A Sonora judge gave me sound advise, "Use Your People Skills" as a student to mediation.

Eight years latter, a Fresno Presiding Judge gave more advice.

Help People Solve Problems

Build Trust, Touch Hearts

Don't treat parties like litigants, treat them like humans.

Today, I reflect back that I have met my goals and beyond, 600 + mediations, hundreds of hours of post education and lots of practice.

The road has taken me down not only the real estate path, but entry to 9 Superior Courts as a panel member for issues involving, technology, probate, family law, real estate, landlord tenant.

To being vice chair of the Alameda County Bar Association, Real Estate Section.

This week, I was accepted to the California Association of Realtors mediation panel for disputes between buyers and sellers and the real estate brokerage community.

This week, I used my skills to act as a neutral for a formerly married couple over the request of one parent to move a child long distance, the couple fought hard, and I think they both forgot, that what
should be in the "Best Interest" of the child.

A mediated agreement was met hours before trial.

A court trial that would have produced more anger, more dysfunction, more damage.

Persons who come to mediation often have longstanding anger, bitterness, disappointment and emotional wounds.

Mediation allows for a new starting point.

As a more experience mediator today, I often say, "I don't care what happened 5 years ago, last month"

Today is a new day, lets live in the moment to listen without the obstruction of emotional baggage.

"Lets work together" for a fresh new start.

Always Do Your Best for every day living, goals, & relationships.

Treat people with kindness, have empathy, be willing to listen.

Speak from the heart and Always Do Your Best.

JimW Hildreth is a Mediator who has offices in both Oakland & Sonora, CA
Real Estate Mediation Services

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