Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7 2008 Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediation Services

The dream of home ownership was a goal of this California single woman a home with acreage
where she could ride her horses, raise her cats and dogs.

She wanted a location within minutes of her animal hospital as she was a new veterinarian.

The sellers had never lived in the home as it was a rental.

The escrow closed and the California dream of home ownership began to sour with the discovery of a septic system that was under the house, the leech lines on the neighbors property, asbestos roofing, leakage in the basement that activated a sump pump 24-7.

Real Estate brokers were involved in both the listing and selling side.

Compounding the problem were missing disclosure statements and the parties were all friends and neighbors.

The buyer became frustrated and sought the attention of an attorney who was out of county due to the small town.

The Attorney who speciality is real estate and business, reviewed the documents and suggested Mediation.

The parties spent over one year attempting to resolve the dispute.

A community hall was available next to the volunteer fire department and Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediation Services gathered the parties together, each rolled up their sleeves and each party discussed the real estate dispute.

Jim Hildreth made it clear that the goal and objective of Mediation was to open the lines of communication and to get the parties to listen.

4.5 hours latter the dispute was settled with each of the participants satisfied with the results.

One of the Brokers stated "we tried to do it ourselves and the value today was to have a trained neutral"

Mediation was a value to each of these parties and neighbors.

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