Friday, April 2, 2010

Fresno Superior Court Appointment

April 2 2010

The Superior Court of California Fresno has appointed Jim W Hildreth to the panel of Mediators offering Alternative Dispute Resolution.

This appointment was based on experience and background and Hildreth will join other Mediator's available both to the court, the legal community and public at large for mediation.

Hildreth's background is decades of experience with real estate and as a "neutral" he offers all parties the ability to be objective and offers neutrality.

Jim W Hildreth-Mediator

easement trail

easement trail
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Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediator will take continuing education at the Alameda County Bar Association with challenges that go hand-in hand
with resolving contentious real estate boundary disputes.

Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services has a specialty with real estate disputes and has mediated multiple easement disputes and resolved them in mediation.

One was a landlocked parcel on hundreds of acres in rural Amador County.