Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elder Mediation

Conflicts involving older adults can be a complex mix of legal, phsychological
and spirtual issues. Elder Mediation is often multi-issue, multi-parties
and multi-generational.

The Arnold resident makes the transition from a ranch house with acreage
and a home filled with memories, the loss of his wife and a move to Sonora,
closer to medical needs and less snow.

The long term Bay Area residents move to Sonora, following their long time
dreams of a countryhome and the "Golden Years" only to be faced with mounting medical
issues, a death of a spouse and being served a pre-foreclosure notice.
At age 85 this World War Veteran feels shame and confusion.

Mom lives in Columbia and is comfortable in her single wide mobile, she is served
locally with Meals on Wheels. She needs assistance in her daily living needs, her son lives in Southern California and has been laid off, making it difficult to assist and visit his mother.

Toulumne County and Sonora have many support systems in place for our seniors however many
mediation partisipants come to a mediation with limited knowledge of the resources available.

Elder Mediation allows a "Neutral" to address concerns of medical, nutrition, safety and day to day needs of paying bills, transportation, social security, the pain and depression of loss of a loveone.

In one recent Sonora conflict, the accusation of sexual harrasment and in multiple other disputes was missing funds from a care giver.

Today it is common to see real estate disputes, such a Foreclosure, Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Homeowner Associations

Mediation is a way for people in conflict to talk together, with the help of an impartial third party.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential.

The many benefits of Mediation may include:

Mediation increased the role of older adults in the decisions that impact their quality of life.

Mediation helps older adults experss their emotions, preferences and concerns
during decision making.

Improves understanding between older adults and the important people in their lives.

Provides an alternative to litigation.

Jim Hildreth is a Sonora, CA Mediator who serves as a Mediator on the Superior Court of Amador,Calaveras, Merced and Alameda Counties and conducts private Mediations.

John F Kennedy University

Jim W Hildreth Mediator completed 9 hours of continuing education on Elder Mediation on the California campus of John F kennedy University in Pleasant Hill.

Elder Mediation involves conflicts with Older Adults.