Saturday, October 23, 2010

Real Estate Deposit Dispute

Superior Court
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Do you have a real estate deposit that sits in a escrow? over a seller buyer dispute?.

Deposits in California that are held in escrow can only be released by
written mutual agreement by the parties, judicial decision or arbitration award.

Real Estate Mediation Services is a professional dispute resolution service that is experienced with real estate deposits and other real property issues.

Deposits Disputes are most cost effective in the settlement in the $2,500 plus range.

Jim W Hildreth is an experienced mediator who acts as a "neutral mediator" in multiple California Superior Courts and in the private sector working closely with title companies, the legal profession and the real estate brokerage community.

All mediation's are confidential.

Fee's for services are reasonable, and mediation offers Alternative Dispute Resolution vs protracted litigation or costly binding arbitration.