Thursday, December 13, 2018

Settling Real Estate Disputes Long Distance via Mediation

I'm often asked if I travel beyond my home of Sonora for Real Estate Disputes.

On a regular basis, I travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, Oakland, Emeryville.

Upcoming is an Oakland Mediation, with the dispute being orginated in Sacramento.

I just completed Mediations in Vallejo and Auburn.

In 2018, I travelled to the Sacramento region 8 times.

Travels have taken me to the Northern part of California, Eureka and today was asked to mediate in  Redding.

I like travelling, as I have no conflicts of interest and I can wear my neutral hat. In other words, I know none of the parties or legal counsel.

Another alternative that expands my mediation circle is ODR  or Online Dispute Resolution, which I have done internationally and states beyond California.

My most long distance was a 3-way mediation from Sonora, San Jose & India, with a 12.5-time difference.

The online offers a cost-effective alternative and is especially valuable with claim adjusters or legal representatives.

The fee's that we offer for long distance are reasonable and cost-effective, compared to Arbitration or litigation.

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