Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advantages of Mediation

In a dispute mediation is an alternative to litigation. It saves Time & Money. dispute often can be settled or resolved much sooner with ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution, allowing parties to save money on attorney fees, court cost and expert fees.

In Merced County CA, the Superior Court has a $300 Early Mediation Program that is shared equally between the parties, that allows 3 hours of time with a mediator of your choice from a approved mediator list.

A "Neutral" can often assist the parties in the conflict for reaching a settlement prior to litigation.

A search for the Superior Court of each California County often will have a link to the ADR program and a list of Mediators or Arbitrators.

Many mediators will have a area of practice such as Family Law, Probate, Social Security, Real Estate, Construction Defects

In addition languages spoken such as Spanish