Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neighbor Dispute

Neighbor Dispute lands in Superior Court between Straight and Gay Community, threats, gay bashing.
Court and parties agree to mediation and Jim W Hildreth mediator is assigned the case.

Within 2-hours the parties are allowed to speak freely and a settlement occurs.

The human emotion goes beyond just plain real estate and the parties can often resolve issues with a neutral party if willing.

Hildreth has offices both in Oakland and Sonora, CA

Neighbor Dispute

The neighbors who shared a duplex came before the Superior Court for the request of a Restraining Order
with physical threats between a straight tenant and a gay couple.

Fear, law enforcement was called and the request for a "Stay Away"

The Superior Court suggested mediation and Jim W Hildreth was selected as the court appointed mediatior.

Within 2-hours mediation allowed the parties to craft a settlement and allowed the parties to take the emotionally charged dispute and reach for a settlement

Jim W Hildreth Mediator has office in Oakland & Sonora, CA

Jack London & Tall Ships

Jack London & Tall Ships by JimHildreth
Jack London & Tall Ships, a photo by JimHildreth on Flickr.

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