Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mediation Can Work

I thought I would share a recent real estate mediation experienceA section 8 housing unit in had a long term tenant who had never been in trouble. He is a single dad with 2 small children.
He loves his music and has he stated his music at times can be loud. By his own admission he likes to drink and he has had a DUI. He had a party, he went to bed and the party continued.

The Police Dept showed up and under a probation search found 10 pills on the flloor of a illegal narcotic. No arrest were made due to the fact of lack of ownership of the pills.

Landlord served notice to tenant for violation of park rules for zero tolerance for drugs.

Landlord wants tenant to vacate, if tenant vacates under eviction andhe then looses his section eight benefits.

He works and goes to college partime while being a fulltime dad.Tenant made some bad judgements with alcohol, and perhaps the crowd that he invited to his home, but he faced eviction due to the wriiten policy.

It was his domicile .Landlord would continue with eviction and tenant and family faced the streets .

Mediation brought out a solution that all parties agreed to. The landlord would withdraw the eviction, the tenant would give a 30 day notice to vacate and since this would not be a eviction, the tenant could keep his Section8 benefits and move to a new location with a fresh start.

Perhaps there are many other ideas and solutions to this dilema and conflict.

In my mind, we had a win-win

Jim W Hildreth Real Estate mediator

Failure of Mediation

I recieved this from an attorney friend who failed in a mediation.I mediated a divorce case one time...bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. ect.We got down to signing papers and the husband assumed custody of the dog. The wife insisted on having it.We failed to settle the case!

Landlord /Tenant Dispute & Sexual Abuse

In the past year I have been involved with multiple Landlord/tenant issues as a mediator.

Tomorrow I have been asked to mediate a landlord/tenant issue where the tenant has been
asked to vacate to due to his sexual advancements and indecent behavior to fellow
tenants and exposure in front of children.

The landlord has a zero tolerance for any illegal activity, illegal sexual favors in exchange for money.

It appears from the brief that the lanlord does have a good cause for termination.

I must remind myself as a mediator to be neutral, objective and listen carefully to the tenant.

To listen to all sides.

Tomorrow will be a "Good test"

The greater test will be my own trauma from childhood abuse by a neighbor.

Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediator