Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mediation ADR Advantages

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ADR can have a number of advantages over a lawsuit.

ADR can save time. A dispute often can be resolved in a matter of months, even weeks, through ADR, while a lawsuit can take years.

ADR can save money. Court costs, attorney fees, and expert fees can be saved .

ADR can be cooperative. This means that the parties having a dispute may work together with the neutral to resolve the dispute and agree to a remedy that makes sense to them, rather than work against each other.

ADR can reduce stress. There are fewer, if any, court appearances. ADR can be speedier, and save money and because the parties are normally cooperative, ADR is easier on the nerves . The parties don't have a lawsuit hanging over their heads for years.

ADR encourages participation. The parties may have more chances to tell their side of the story than in court and may have more control over the outcome.

ADR is flexible . The parties can choose the ADR process that is best for them. For example, in mediation the parties may decide how to resolve their dispute.

ADR can be more satisfying. For all the above reasons, many people have reported a high degree of satisfaction with ADR.
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