Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sonora, CA 95370 Tuolumne County Superior Court

Sonora, CA 95370
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My days as a court appointed mediator have been busy in resolving disputes.

The court has taken a pro-active position that many disputes can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution, and specifically through mediation.

During the past week of late October 2010 I was assigned 3 mediation's, 2 construction defects and a vandalism where a road construction grader was cut up into 7 pieces, the dispute involved long term friends for over 60 years.

Each of these disputes had the root of non-communication, anger, resentment.

Each was resolved in mediation, vs a trial in the Superior Court.

Jim W Hildreth is both a private and court appointed mediator, who's focus is disputes involving real estate.