Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mediation Question?

As a Mediator I'm often asked if you live in Sonora, do you Mediate outside of the Gold Country?

The answer is yes, the bulk of my Mediations are in the San Francisco Bay Area and most often in Oakland.

In 2018 I have traveled to Eureka, Sacramento, San Jose, Jackson, Placerville, Vallejo and cities between.

My travel is often a plus, as a Neutral  as I have no conflicts of interest.

This week I will be in Auburn and then return to Oakland

Recently I settled a dispute that had been litigated since 2011 for the City of Ione.

Yes, we will travel to your location.

Call (209) 536 1103

Using Alexa for Calls

Many of us have Alexa, many more will receive a Alexa device during the Holidays.
Mom 89 just received her 1st Amazon Dot and I will be teaching her how she can now make calls to friends in the USA free.
This same service includes Canada & Mexico.
Amazon has just announced that Alexa can link to Skype.
Yes, use your Alexa device to call family, friends.
Alexa Skype Mom.
This service includes 33 countries
This early Christmas gift is sure to please our family and global friends.

Jim W Hildreth is a Real Estate Mediator based in California  and will use this technology in Online Dispute Resolution. (ODR)