Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sonora, CA 95370 Tuolumne County Superior Court

Sonora, CA 95370
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My days as a court appointed mediator have been busy in resolving disputes.

The court has taken a pro-active position that many disputes can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution, and specifically through mediation.

During the past week of late October 2010 I was assigned 3 mediation's, 2 construction defects and a vandalism where a road construction grader was cut up into 7 pieces, the dispute involved long term friends for over 60 years.

Each of these disputes had the root of non-communication, anger, resentment.

Each was resolved in mediation, vs a trial in the Superior Court.

Jim W Hildreth is both a private and court appointed mediator, who's focus is disputes involving real estate.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuolumne County Superior Court Sonora, CA

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Home owner cuts up construction grader into 7 pieces. Plaintiff sues for vandalism and Felony damages. Dispute settled in Mediation. Jim W Hildreth acted as the Mediator for the Tuolumne County Dispute.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tuolumne County Superior Court

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Jim W Hildreth has been appointed to act as the mediator for a Tuolumne County construction defect dispute involving a local contractor. Two outstanding Sonora Attorneys Kate Segerstrom and Joey Wright will represent their individual clients.

Mediation will allow the parties to discuss multiple options for consideration vs facing a trial.

Jim Hildreth is a Sonora based "neutral", who's focus are real estate disputes and he works both as a court appointed and private mediator in Northern California.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Real Estate Deposit Dispute

Superior Court
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Do you have a real estate deposit that sits in a escrow? over a seller buyer dispute?.

Deposits in California that are held in escrow can only be released by
written mutual agreement by the parties, judicial decision or arbitration award.

Real Estate Mediation Services is a professional dispute resolution service that is experienced with real estate deposits and other real property issues.

Deposits Disputes are most cost effective in the settlement in the $2,500 plus range.

Jim W Hildreth is an experienced mediator who acts as a "neutral mediator" in multiple California Superior Courts and in the private sector working closely with title companies, the legal profession and the real estate brokerage community.

All mediation's are confidential.

Fee's for services are reasonable, and mediation offers Alternative Dispute Resolution vs protracted litigation or costly binding arbitration.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Real Estate Mediation, Real Estate Mediation Services: Alameda County Bar Association

Real Estate Mediation, Real Estate Mediation Services: Alameda County Bar Association: "Alameda County Bar Association Originally uploaded by JimHildrethJim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services completed continuing educ..."

Jim W

Alameda County Bar Association

Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services completed continuing education on Real Estate Hot Topics in Oakland, CA. The class was centered around a Court of Appeal Real Estate case Holmes v Summer whether California Real Estate Brokers representing a seller of residential real estate are under an obligation to the buyer of that property to disclose that it is over ecumbered and cannot in fact be sold to them at the agreed upon purchase price unless the either the lenders agree to a short sale or the seller deposits a whopping $392,000 in cash into escrow to cover the shortfall. This case should be a concern to brokers, salesmen and the general public especially in this period of rampant foreclosures and short sales.

Hildreth's practice has a focus with real estate disputes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuolumne County Superior Court

Two Real Estate Landlord/Tenant mediation's were settled in the Superior Court ,County of Tuolumne. Sonora, CA

Mediation allows the parties to craft their own settlement vs a trial.

The mediation's were conducted by Jim W Hildreth a Sonora based Mediator who's focus is real estate disputes.

Hildreth does both private and court appointed mediation's.

The website is

Tuolumne County Superior Court Sonora, CA

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Jim W Hildreth Mediator, Mediates Real Estate Disputes and is a active mediator in the Superior Court County of Tuolumne. Sonora, CA

He can be contacted at