Thursday, August 13, 2015

Small Claims Court California

Having a dispute? One can file a claim up to $10,000 in California Superior Courts.

Types of Disputes Real Estate, Landlord Tenant, vendor- vendee, money owed

One can visit the local court and often under forms file a simple application for your dispute.

Need assistance with your forms, courts often have a self help center, or check with a local legal document assistant.  CALDA offers online legal document assistants.

Always consider asking the court for the availability of Alternative Dispute Resolution or

Jim W Hildreth Mediator

Real Estate Mediation Services

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Patience in Mediation

In a 3.5 hour mediation the plaintiff reflected anger, however restraint. The defendant
angry and defiant and possibly in denial.

Each had strong positions in a Landlord Tenant Dispute.

The plaintiff desired resolution, the defendant raged.

The mediator after 3.5 hours lost objectivity.

The mediator was trained with hundreds  of mediations.

A sharp tongue that only lasted seconds, went beyond neutrality.

A lesson to be learned.


Jim W Hildreth Mediator

Real Estate Mediation Services