Friday, January 21, 2011

Auburn CA Courthouse

Auburn CA Courthouse
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Was involved in a dispute today, where the plaintiff was asking for One Million Dollars from the Defendant.
Settled in 4.5 hours. A Partnership and Real Estate Dispute. In litigation for 4 years. Nearly $100,000 in Attorney fee's.

Mediation does work.

Plaintiff said they should have gone to mediation 4 years ago

Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services was one of the two mediators who acted as a team of "neutrals". Mediators.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Modesto Amtrak Station

Modesto Amtrak Station
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Today I had a meeting at the Alameda County Bar Association that is located at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.

Rather than drive from Sonora to Oakland, I drove to Modesto and hopped on Amtrak.

The train was clean, efficient and what a bargain $19.00 each way and if I had made the reservation 3 day's in advance, I would have received a AAA discount of 10%.

I was able to pull out the laptop, with fresh cup off coffee, purchased in the dining car, read a morning paper and before I knew it, I was in Oakland.

Talk about "green" living.

The San Joaquin Amtrak Line runs from Oakland on the North side to Bakersfield on the South.

I arrived at my meeting fresh, completed multiple reports and the scenery of migratory bird life made my trip a real pleasure.

Jim W Hildreth is a mediator who calls Sonora, Ca home, however he does real estate mediation's in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jim W Hildreth Mediator

Jim W Hildreth
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Jim W Hildreth Mediator has been assigned a real estate dispute in Sonora, CA by the Superior Court over a partition of a Tuolumne County home, that includes a breach of contract.

The mediation will include all options that will allow the co-owner to continue the residency, while meeting the needs of the other co-owner.

Mediation may allow the parties to settle differences and thus avoiding further litigation..

Hildreth mediates real estate disputes in Northern California and covers the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and Gold Country.

He can be reached his website at

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuolumne County Superior Court, Sonora, CA 95370

Sonora, CA 95370
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As a mediator in disputes, we often see raw emotions displayed often with anger, resentment.

A recent mediation was with couple who had completed a breakup over a year ago.

The dispute was over the division of personal property acquired with their relationship together over 10 years.

For both, a dog they both loved was important to both. In addition personal property that had memories.

The couple turned to the court, and the court suggested mediation for potential resolution.

3.5 hours of mediation with a pair of trained neutrals, assisted the transition with a written agreement among the disputants.

Mediation does work, and can be effective in partnership disputes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

JAMS Office San Francisco

Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services and Claudia Viera, Esq. at the pleasure of acting as Mediation Trainers for the San Francisco Community Boards on the Development of a Thriving Mediation Practice.

The event was Hosted by JAMS, the Resolution Experts.

Jim W Hildreth & Claudia Viera, Esq

Mediators Jim W Hildreth & Claudia Viera, Esq, acted as co-educators for Developing a Thriving Mediation Practice in San Francisco, CA on 01-11-2011.

The training was put on by the San Francisco Community Boards active in Conflict Resolution.

The class was taught to both the legal and private community in building a mediation practice.

Hildreth & Viera are both successful mediators in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Mediation Office

My Mediation Office
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Yesterday I did a mediation, where the dispute involved neighbors and the shooting of a dog. The dog did survive and the dog owners did have anger, frustration,a large vet bill. The shooter felt his livestock was at threat.
The emotions were high, they lived next to each other.
The Superior Court was wise to suggest mediation vs a trial as a first step.
The parties were able with mediation to understand each others viewpoint and a settlement was reached, that will begin the healing process.
As the mediator, value was in the process.
Jim W Hildreth is a Northern California mediator who does both private and court ordered mediations.