Monday, January 9, 2017

Legal Education California

January 09 2017

As a California Real Estate Broker, a Mediator with the California Association of Realtors, it
is important to complete continuing education as to the profession.

This week the California Association of Realtors are offering  Legal Developments in Broker

The duties of a Broker.

Being discussed is a California Supreme Court Ruling on Horiike vs Coldwell Banker where the court ruled that in a dual agency transaction the parties must be treated equally with disclosures.

In California there are many disclosures and new laws.

Transfer Disclosure TDS
Supplemental Disclosures SPQ
Carbon Monoxide
Disclosures of Deaths
Megan's Law
Lead Base Paint

This week I will #Mediate between a Buyer and Seller over a non-disclosure issue in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

Real Estate is complex and its important to know the Law.

Jim W Hildreth-Mediator
Real Estate Mediation Services