Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Disputes after Disputes

July 1 2008 by Jim W Hildreth Real Estate Mediation Services.

Its only Tuesday and its July 1st and my phone has been busy with mediation request and perhaps its the present economy.

My first call was to assist in a new bride who was not happy that the wedding hall, and coordinator did not live up to their promises, they were 3 hours behind, thus causing a problem for the entire day for the bride & groom and guest. A Mediation has been requested.

The second request is over a landlord/tenant dispute where the landlord gave recently a one year lease and now want to cancel the lease for a new buyer as the seller is facing the potential foreclosure and there are buyers who would like to purchase the home that has been for sale close to a year. Mediation has been requested.

The 3rd request is from a Landlord from Sacramento who wants a tenant to vacate.

It seems that Realtors are fighting over "Procuuring Cause" issues.

Buyers and sellers are fighting over non-disclosure issues.

I sence and have confidence that the majority of these disputes can be settled and as one mediator once said, "You see conflict, I see Opportunity"

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