Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuolumne County Superior Court Mediation

Sonora, CA 95370
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JimW Hildreth, Real Estate Mediator just mediated a disagreement between me and another party. Fascinating process. Instead of the antagonistic process you feel in small claims, we both shared our concerns, asked questions and Jim facilitated us to both understand the other's viewpoint. Plaintiff May 28 2010, Sonora, CA

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jim W Hildreth Mediator

Jim W Hildreth
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Jim Hildreth oversaw a small claims case for our company at the Tuolumne County Superior Court. I had past experiences with mediation, and going in I was convinced that it would not be successful. Because of Jim's knowledge and ability to listen, we were able to come to a resolution without the court's involvement. I highly recommend him for mediation in a Real Estate or Landlord Tenant dispute. Thanks Jim!

Tuolumne County Superior Court

Two Mediation's today in the Tuolumne County Superior Court. A Landlord-Property manager dispute the other a personal injury.

Jim W Hildreth Mediator Sonora, CA

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David Herzog Attorney Pinnacle Law Group San Francisco

David Herzog
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Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services recently took continuing education from Attorney David Herzog of San Francisco titled the Accidental Partnership, The pitfalls of informal Business Realtionships.

The seminar covered, what is a partnership in California, What is a partners duties and liabilities, how does one get out of a partnership, how to avoid becoming partners with someone.

As a mediator Hildreth acts as a neutral with partnership disputes both in real estate and business partnerships.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mariposa County Courthouse

"Jim Hildreth's extensive knowledge and experience in real estate is invaluable in the mediation process. Coupled with his expert mediation skills, he is able to quickly assess the issues and assist parties in resolving real estate and property disputes." Ed Johnson, Attorney at Law.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuolumne County Courthouse

Jim W Hildreth has been appointed by the Tuolumne County Superior Court to act as a mediator over a construction defect case in the Sonora Superior Court.

The disputants are represented by Attorney's Joseph Wright and Kate Segerstrom two excellent Sonora Attorneys.

Mediation, offers a alternative to lengthy and costly litigation.

Mediator Hildreth, works in multiple courts and he can be contacted via his website.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oakland Tribune Building

Jim W Hildreth mediator will be attending a seminar titled The Accidental Partnership, the pitfalls of informal business relationships. Partnership disputes are common and can impact the ongoing business operations that can lead to a forced sale.

The seminar will be conducted in Oakland, CA at the Alameda County Bar Association, where Hildreth is an associate member.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Woodfall's Law of Landlord and Tenant"

The young couple had been renting from the landlord for several years, the landlord offered them a opportunity to relocate to the family home as they were going to rent the home for several years as the market was depressed.

The landlord encouraged the husband and wife to take an active role in the remodeling that included painting, refurnishing the hardwood floors.

The couple jumped at the opportunity and spent hundreds of hours in transforming the home.

Words were used such a lease option and your time will be worth your extra efforts.

The home was in the best shape in decades and the home was shining with its new look.

The couple was weeks away from moving in and the landlord dropped a "bombshell" on the couple.

The landlord announced, the home had been sold.

To add insult to injury the couple was served with a 60 day notice to vacate their present home as that property was going to go on the market.

The double blow seems unreal.

An attorney for the tenant couple was prepared to file litigation.

The couple stated they had trusted the landlord and went against their own judgment to have something in writing.

The lesson is that its always best to put things in writing and form an agreement.

If a problem does occur, it will add weight as to the intent of the parties.

Jim W Hildreth is a Real Estate Mediator

Tuolumne County Court House

Tuolumne County Superior Court has developed a new pilot mediation program in "Small Claims" court where team of mediators are available to act as" neutrals" in small claim matters.

The program a month new is seeing a high success rate in allowing disputants to resolve their individual issues vs a court trial.

20091031 Street Scene at Night in Tracy

Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services has been invited to the Central Valley Association of Realtors in Tracy, CA to speak on the topic of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation in real estate conflicts.

Tracy, CA is a popular bedroom community that serves the San Francisco Bay Area and has seen a rapid growth rate in its residential and commercial and industrial community with deep roots to agriculture.

Hildreth's topic will include alternatives to litigation in a real estate dispute.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tuolumne County Superior Court Mediation

Yesterday, I did a mediation that involved an attorney and his client over a fee dispute. Having taken previous training on "Fee Disputes", the training was valuable when the client sued the attorney as he felt the retainer that he had paid was not worthy of the attorney's services.

Within 2 hours both parties reached an agreement. Prior to mediation the attorney desired binding arbitration.

Mediation brought about a better understanding, open communication and resolve.

Mediation with a "neutral" was key along with compromise.

The Tuolumne County Superior Court in Sonora has a new Alternative Dispute Resolution program and mediation has been very effective in high rates of settlement versus the time involved with litigation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuolumne County Courthouse

Jim W Hildreth will act as Mediator with the Superior Court in Sonora, CA on April 30th & May 07 2010. His focus is disputes involving real estate, however in the Sonora Court it can be disputes A-Z.