Friday, November 14, 2014

California Association of Realtors

Jim W Hildreth Mediator was appointed by the California Association of Realtors to serve on the newly formed mediation panel known as Mediation Center.

Hildreth's focus is disputes involving real estate, with buyers, sellers and the real estate community.

As an experienced mediator, the goal is to provide excellent service to the communities of California and allow parties to craft a solution vs. litigation.

Hildreth has offices both in Oakland and Sonora, CA.

Real Estate Mediation Services

Always Do Your Best

As one of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, "Always Do Your Best", I reflect over the past 8 years in my goals to entering the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR  or #Mediation.

My first class at UC Berkeley,  was filled with a room of adult students who shared a interest in Mediation.

Some were practicing attorneys who simply what a change from litigation, others such as the two judges who simply wanted to have incite as to clearing their busy calendar.

For me, it from the eyes of a long term real estate broker, who wanted to apply life experiences to bringing out peace in disputes via negotiation.

One year of pro-bono at the Hayward court, with the goal of 100 mediations and 100 hours of post education.

I had a passion from the very beginning.

A Sonora judge gave me sound advise, "Use Your People Skills" as a student to mediation.

Eight years latter, a Fresno Presiding Judge gave more advice.

Help People Solve Problems

Build Trust, Touch Hearts

Don't treat parties like litigants, treat them like humans.

Today, I reflect back that I have met my goals and beyond, 600 + mediations, hundreds of hours of post education and lots of practice.

The road has taken me down not only the real estate path, but entry to 9 Superior Courts as a panel member for issues involving, technology, probate, family law, real estate, landlord tenant.

To being vice chair of the Alameda County Bar Association, Real Estate Section.

This week, I was accepted to the California Association of Realtors mediation panel for disputes between buyers and sellers and the real estate brokerage community.

This week, I used my skills to act as a neutral for a formerly married couple over the request of one parent to move a child long distance, the couple fought hard, and I think they both forgot, that what
should be in the "Best Interest" of the child.

A mediated agreement was met hours before trial.

A court trial that would have produced more anger, more dysfunction, more damage.

Persons who come to mediation often have longstanding anger, bitterness, disappointment and emotional wounds.

Mediation allows for a new starting point.

As a more experience mediator today, I often say, "I don't care what happened 5 years ago, last month"

Today is a new day, lets live in the moment to listen without the obstruction of emotional baggage.

"Lets work together" for a fresh new start.

Always Do Your Best for every day living, goals, & relationships.

Treat people with kindness, have empathy, be willing to listen.

Speak from the heart and Always Do Your Best.

JimW Hildreth is a Mediator who has offices in both Oakland & Sonora, CA
Real Estate Mediation Services