Friday, December 17, 2010

Auburn CA Courthouse

Auburn CA Courthouse
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The California Gold Country has had a rich history of the lure of gold in cities such as Mariposa Nevada City, Columbia, Sonora, Angels Camp, Placerville, Auburn, Jamestown, Murphys, Paradise in Butte County.

Migrations of emigrants followed the "Gold Fever" from the 1800's.

Today a new migration wave in the Gold Country is the urban dweller who seeks a better lifestyle and a desire for a simpler life of the white picket fence, acreage and a place to retire or raise a family.

With that wave came a real estate boom starting in the 1970's.

Large acreage parcels were subdivided creating acre lots or less and the demand for commercial retail for the new storefront was the new enterprise.

With those changes and migrations of the urban dweller have created disputes involving real estate.

This week alone, Jim W Hildreth of Real Estate Mediation Services was busy mediating real estate disputes.

Paradise was a buyer/seller/real estate broker dispute, Jackson California had a non disclosure dispute between the buyer and seller over water runoff. Amador County has a new easement issues among neighbors. Sonora Superior Court in Tuolumne County had a neighbor vs neighbor dispute where a restraining order was placed and a landlord tenant issue over non-payment that exceeded $7,500.

When populations increase conflict will occur. Attorneys will be the gateway to those conflicts.

Today both the courts and the legal system are offering Alternative Dispute Resolution to those conflicts with both Mediation and Arbitration as an alternative to costly litigation and saving time to those in conflict. Often the courts may be backed up for months and the anger, resentment in conflicts cannot wait for the judicial system.

The Gold Country or the Mother Lode of California will continue to see increased populations with new subdivisions, new storefronts and naturally disputes will occur.

It is the wise community both in the legal and real estate community that offers both private and court appointed opportunities to resolve conflict and mediation does play a large role in settlement and resolve.

Jim W Hildreth is a Mediator who's focus is real estate disputes and his home is in Sonora, CA. His boyhood was in Sutter Creek, Jackson and Grass Valley.