Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mold Habitability Standards for California Rentals

November 7 2015

California landlords should be aware that a new law starting January 1 2016
is that Mold has been added to the list of habitability problems

No obligation to repair until given notice or if a tenant fails to to keep property clean and sanitary.

What should the landlords approach be?

Definition of Substandard building requires determination of health or code
enforcement officer.

Source SB 655

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

California Smoke Alarm Reminder

 November 4 2015

Smoke Alarm Reminder for California Landlords

Beginning January 1, 2016

Landlord shall install additional smoke alarms as needed, to insure that the smoke alarms are in
compliance with current building  standards

1) each bedrooms
2) centrally located outside each sleeping area and
3) on every floor, including the basement regardless of whether there is a sleeping
    ares on the floor. (California Building Code (F) 907.2 2.101.2)

Landlord not required to replace existing alarms unless inoperable.

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