Saturday, June 9, 2012

Amador County Superior Court

A trail is set in early July 2012, for a partnership that has gone sour. The challenge is none of the partners had a written agreement, and millions of dollars are on the table. The case was sent to mediation and a second mediation is set prior to trial as a last ditch effort to attempt to bring the parties together in some form of resolve, thus avoiding a costly and emotional trial. Jim W Hildreth is the mediator neutral of Real Estate Mediation Services.

Oakland Skyline

Oakland Skyline by JimHildreth
Oakland Skyline, a photo by JimHildreth on Flickr.

Will complete this week in Oakland, CA a real estate mediation, involving a foreclosure and the owner of the fourplex. At the table will be multiple attorneys and the parties of record. Jim W Hildreth is the mediator neutral.